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Eve Khambatta Therapies


Mums to Be – Feel like you’re carrying the world on your hips ?
Tired, achey, puffy, restless legs ? Sore lower backs, necks & shoulders ?
General heaviness and lack of energy ?
Try Pregnancy Massage with a thai twist.

Eve’s combination of acupressure, gentle stretching and joint mobilisations, moving with the breath & working with warmed herbal compresses & oils, releases stiffness, tension & stress, doubts and fears, invoking a profound sense of well-being and deep relaxation. Feel nurtured to unravel and unwind, allowing yourself the space to breathe and connect with your baby.


Massage in pregnancy:

Eve massages through all stages of pregnancy, starting at the feet working the reflexes and massaging the feet, culminating at the head, usually on a comfortable futon in side position. This helps me work with gravity and fluidly move with and around mum. Before 3months, it would be a very gentle massage based mainly on balancing energy, line work & few stretches. In the second & third trimester the firmer stretching and deeper acupressure work can bring great relief. It has been proved that in the last 3months, massage can help tremendously with the babies growth, especially the brain, and the more relaxed mum is, the better for the babies development, the progression of labour and a positive birthing outcome. Eve is able to work with points that encourage natural induction if requested, although it is better to allow baby to initiate the process. Massage in the latter stages does encourage the process to move evolve. Eve can help with exercises during pregnancy and the optimum positioning of the baby in the latter stages. These can be shown to partners to encourage their active involvement. Eve also provides nurtritional advice, prenatal, labour and postnatal recommendations, like perineal massage to avoid an episiotomy, pain management techniques and pelvic floor exercises.

Eve has developed a unique style, with a firm, nurturing, intuitive touch that calms and rejuvenates in the early stages and opens and energises in the latter stages. An advanced practitioner with over 18yrs experience of pregnancy, therapeutic & thai yoga massage, Eve has massaged a varied array of people and their conditions, in hospitals, herbal healthcare settings, addiction clinics, spa’s, gyms, private businesses and yoga centres. Her training started with Kira Balaskas and Asokananda in the UK and Thailand with Chiayuth. Eve has also trained with Suzanne Yates on her WellMother Massage in Pregnancy, completed workshops with Janet Balaskas of the Active Birth Centre, Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers on their Paramana Doula Training and Selina Wallis of Magical Birth. Eve is a member of Doula UK (trainee), CThA and Embody.



Special Offer

Eve is offering 15% off your first pregnancy treatment with option of 3 treatments with 15% off or ‘6 for 5 package’ afterwards at Triyoga.

An experience to be tried, one never quite the same as another, a dance like flow from start to finish, that makes you melt into the futon.



Self care top tips

My first go to form of self care would be yoga. I feel lighter, straighter, taller & my nervous system is always so much calmer, with the added bonus of rinsing out with a purifying sweat sometimes. But to help my yoga being the flexible type, I’ve found specific core strengthening, pelvic floor toning exercises & martial arts make me much stronger, more grounded, whilst supporting & sustaining my flexibility. Training cardio exercises in the fresh air I also find greatly beneficial, both energising & invigorating.
My second indulgent yet so necessary self care tip are Epsom salts baths. The AAhhh factor at the end of a long day, of yoga practise, teaching and massaging, is sinking into warm water allowing the absorption of magnesium molecules into tired tight muscle tissue & soothing wired nervous systems, is just so blissful.
My third self care tip is a good diet, i.e. a diet that suits your changing digestive system & body needs, as well as including good amounts of fruit and veg, good fats, carbs & protein, supplements might also be needed. An appointment with a nutritionist when needed is very helpful. I went gluten free at the beginning of the year & its helped me no end. Everything happens in the digestive system & affects our moods, hormonal balance, inner ecosystems, so we need to be scientists, detecting what’s agreeing or disagreeing with our digestive, absorption & elimination processes. Hydration is also extremely important for all body processes and keeping our fascial web soft, supple & viscous. Cleansing twice a year, better in spring & autumn, or intermittent fasting are extremely effective at eliminating toxins & old stuck matter, giving the digestive system a rest thus allowing for better processing.
My fourth self care tip is carving space & time for relaxation, whether that’s in the form of meditation, yin, restorative yoga or a gong bath, social time with friends/family, walks in nature in the fresh air, in solitude or with a friend is essential to our wellbeing, as all work is not the way.
My fifth self care tip is positive thinking, which seems easy enough until we get into the nitty gritty realms of our inner psyches and patterns of behaviour. A strong sense of self, good healthy boundaries & self belief stand us in good stead to achieve our goals and happiness to live a more wholesome life. Sometimes seeing a life coach, counsellor, building a good rapport with our yoga teacher, talking to a trusted friend, shaman or wise woman can give us the necessary thought triggers to evolve & lift our selves to a better place.



Top Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

1. I would say a good step to minimalising stress as we enter the build up to Christmas is to cut down on stimulants, ie caffeine, alcohol, trying not to go overboard at parties, gatherings but regulating our intake &/or being selective as to how many meet ups we go to.
2. It’s very important to getting enough sleep so allowing time to wind down in the evenings with some restorative yoga, meditation & a hot bath before sleeping for example. Create a ritual that you’d body becomes familiar with so whenever you enter that space or start a sequence the body & mind know & are able to relax quicker & more easily.
3. Exercise, in whichever preferred form, although yoga is one of the best ways to ease stress & tension, calm the mind & create balanced descision making.
4. Keeping hydrated with 2L + water, herbal teas,… is essential to wellbeing especially when drinking caffeine & alcohol.
5. Planning & organising presents/activities/get togethers takes the stress out of last minute buying/planning. Doing some or most of it beforehand can allow space for some last minute spontaneity.
6. Keeping it simple can help take the pressure off substantially.





Natures Exilir – juicing anytime of day is a great medicinal food. It provides the necessary vitamins, minerals & anti-inflammatorys to boost immunity, improve digestive movements & hormone balance. It helps detoxify your cells & encourages weight loss. It can be part of a cleanse (always better under professional supervision particularly if never attempted before) or a morning exilir to boost energy levels and get going. It’s better to drink straight after juicing to preserve the enzymes from the veggies, which help the gut work more efficiently & with a masticating juicer which grinds the veggie fibers slowly rather than crushing them. The juice below is my favourite go to & I just love the colour –
half a lemon, wedge of ginger, a small apple to sweeten slightly, carrots, celery sticks, handful of spinach & a thumb of turmeric root.
Lemon – vit c source, alkalinises the gut, improves skin quality, digestion & weight loss,
Ginger – anti-inflammatory & antioxidant, fights infection, decreases cholesterol & enhances weight loss,…
Apple – good source of fiber, vit c & promote good gut bacteria,…
carrots – provides vitamin A, skin food, anti-aging & prevents cancer,…
Celery – antioxidant properties, cardiovascular health improving blood pressure & cholesterol levels, is a diuretic & reduces bloating,….
Spinach – greens balance blood sugar levels & stop sweet food cravings
Turmeric – a great anti-inflammatory & antioxidant, prevents arthritis, depression, heart disease & cancer,…
all Organic minus all the pesticides & chemicals. Other veggies to create different combinations with are beetroot, fennel, kale, carrot tops, cabbage, cucumber,…. what you’re often drawn to is often what your body needs. I also add a glug of omega oils – udos 369 is a well balanced vegetarian unflavoured oil, fish oils can also be added, as can pumpkin or hempseed by Viridian is another good quality range of vegetarian oils. These oils are good anti-inflammatorys for the gut and support healthy hair & skin, brain health, cognitive function, a happy mood, eye health & vision, cardiovascular health & balanced cholesterol levels,…. research is discovering that obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, celiac, IBS, chrohn’s, skin disease, allergies, neurological conditions, autism?!, cancer & all these chronic and sometimes terminal dis-eases start in the gut !



Thai Herbal Compresses


Thai Herbal Compresses known as ‘lukprakob’ in Thai translated as ‘herbal pressing sphere’, date back 5,000yrs in Thai healing therapy. Thai herbalism, plant medicine is intrinsically infused in Thai culture, with plant, bark and flower properties, their benefits and effects through ingestion and external application, studied meticulously and passed down from one generation to another quite often verbally. Thai Compress Therapy was designed to alleviate inflammation, muscular aches and relieve pain, often used on soldiers returning from war and by Thai royalty in elaborate treatments. The compresses can be steamed in a vegetable steamer or microwave and applied to an area of muscular tightness to soften the tissue and enable deeper acupressure and fascial release.Compresses can also be applied cold, firstly heating them 10 to 15 minutes to release the beneficial alkaloids in the herbs then frozen in the freezer and applied on the site of recent muscle, ligament or tendon sprains, bruising, hematomas and other more servere injuries requiring cold therapy. The hot and the cold compresseswhen applied alternatively can also be a very effective way to reduce swelling, aches and pains, left in these areas of injury or muscular tightness, whilst working on another part of the body. Coconut compresses are known to be helpful in eliminating facial lines, leaving the face glowing and younger looking.
Some scholars believe herbal compress massage was brought over to Thailand by Buddhist monks from India around 200 BC along with Thai Yoga Massage. Others believe compresses originated from Thai rural villagers and their medicine. Traditionally Thai compresses comprise of a mixture of herbs primarily lemongrass,prai or plai a type of ginger, turmeric, kaffir lime, camphor and tamarind as a base, which possess properies that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant.Adding eucalyptus, peppermint, cloves or camphor help relieve sinuses as well as releasing their wonderful aromas. One heated compress can be applied whilst the other is steaming or both together, covered with flannels at first to prevent burning, until they cool enough to be left on certain areas or padded along the Sen energy body lines. Heat is primal. It gives a sense of safety and security. It helps take your nervous system out of the flight, fight or freeze response, enabling the release of tightly held tension, endorphins ‘our happy hormones’ and thus encourages deeper relaxation, emotional and physical wellbeing and better sleep. Herbal Compress Therapy also:
relieves stress, anxiety and fatigue,
improves circulation of blood and lymph,
stimulates internal organs,
alleviates pain,
soothes stiff sore strained muscles and ligaments,
eases arthritis, migraines,
heals skin conditions and promotes cell growth,
soothes and clears the upper respiratory ailments such as the common cold and bronchitis,
invigorating and refreshing mind and body.

I will be teaching a workshop at Triyoga Camden later on in the year dates TBC, of how to make herbal compresses and how to apply them in a simple neck and shoulder routine. Bring a friend to partner up with or just come along by yourselves and enjoy an evening of aromas and massage.



Yin yoga is a great counter practice to Gym Workouts

Yin yoga is a slow deep meditative practice, whereby seated & reclining postures are held for 3-5mins usually or even more sometimes. We tune into the breath by turning our focus inwards, working with the sensations & discomfort that can arise both mentally & physically. By keeping our focus and attention on the breath when meeting the deep sensation of the passive stretch, by lengthening the exhalation we relax, stretch & lengthen into muscular & ligament tightness the ‘discomfort’ in the tissues, thereby releasing further into our joints & the pose increasing our flexibility. Yin also has the effect of strengthening the tissue as some postures are active/passive stretches. The concentration on deeper breathing brings more oxygenated blood into the tissues. This is a great practice if you’ve tight rigid muscles, fascia & connective tissue from working with weights in the gym.
Eastern philosophical practices state there are energetic pathways or Qi that run throughout the body, when blocked cause the stagnation of vital life force ‘energy’, then dis-ease & physical conditions emerge. Acupuncture, Qi-Gong & yin yoga work in similar ways. A yin yoga sequence can restore a healthy flow of Qi by stretching & opening any blockages, often in the deeper tissues surrounding a joint like the hips, sacrum & spine. Sometimes this work can also cause strong emotional releases, as scar tissue from previous injuries, body memory and trauma are freed. This is a good thing as the bodymind is then able to reconnect in a healthier more integrated way. Studies also prove that Yin lowers stress, anxiety and depression by activating the PSN parasympathetic nervous system, thereby slowing the heart rate and calming the body by reducing the fight, flight or freeze response.
Yin yoga is the perfect compliment to our fast paced active lives and also to more sweaty, intense, yang practices like gym, cardio, exercise & stronger vinyasa yoga classes. Yin yoga is less a ‘work-out’ & more a ‘work-in’, bringing a deeply harmonious and peaceful sense to the body & mind.


Yin Yoga on Wednesdays @Nuffield Health Battersea 18.30-19.30pm



Thai Abdominal Massage

With this lockdown I’ve been seeing an increase in digestive issues & requests for abdominal massage. Long days sitting locked to a desk, all week drinking too much coffee has created the conditions for many types of digestive difficulties to emerge like constipation, bloating, gas, heartburn, reflux, pain, diarrhoea, food intolerances, irritable bowel,… Thai Abdominal Massage (Chi-Nei-Tsang) is a great way to address these disorders & get things moving again. I work gently at first into the skin layer, then deeper into the muscle layer then deeper still into the organs. Working with my fingers, palms & compresses (warmed pouches filled with herbs) I’m able to soften, relax & soothe the belly to enable loosening of the intestinal contents. I also work with breathing techniques on the belly to ease you deeper into the parasympathetic nervous system (the resting state), whereby digestion can function more effectively.
It’s important to move about and not remain completely rigid in your bodies. Setting a timer can help remind you to take regular breaks. Get up, stretch out neck, shoulders, back, make a drink, shake out, go outside for a short brisk walk in the middle of your day, drink lots of water helps focus & loo breaks, changing position to a standing desk, to sitting on an ergonomic chair with correct desk orientation or a Pilates ball as it softens the impact on the sacrum, lower back & pelvis. You can move the hips, do pelvic tilts, rotations to keep the lower back mobile & posture well aligned and ladies can even fit in their pelvic floor squeezes for gynaecological health ! Thai Abdominal Massage is more effective and beneficial in combination with good nutritional advise. I can advise on some general aspects and recommend experienced nutritionists and naturopaths for thorough diagnosis and treatment of conditions.




Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. It stimulates the vagal nerve connection to the bodies parasympathetic system, slowing the heart rate, deepening and elongating the breath, encouraging better peristalsis & digestion, immune functioning & other body processes g. In a class you may hardly move and only do just a few postures, each held for 5mins or more, supported by props that allow you to sink, relax and stretch deeply. Restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds & gentle backbends, based on the teachings of BKS Iyengar. They help provide physical & mental balance, which prevents stress and anxiety. Benefits include enhanced flexibility, deep relaxation, stilling of the lmind, improved healing abilities, a rebalancing of the nervous system, boosts the immune system and our moods are lifted, develops qualities of compassion & understanding towards others & self.