‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ Hippocrates

We can ALL benefit from cleansing and it can be in different degrees ie it doesn’t need to be hard core salt and urine drinking, or holding your arm up in the air for 50 years like the Indian Sadhu’s, it can be just relinquishing coffee or sugar for 10days, bringing more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. It helps create discipline,change patterns, implement healthy changes to routines for better wellbeing and the achievement of actually going 10days without something we are either slightly or completely addicted to, a ritual we perform daily, like the brewing of a cup of coffee maybe. One cup a day being moderate consumption but the accumulatory aspect of this over time needs a clean uppause, giving ourselves the space and time to clear, purge, purify our body systems.

CLEANSING at the beginning of the New Year is a really great thing to do, highly recommended after the Christmas and New Year excesses of sugar, alcohol, dairy, wheat, coffee,like cleaning out a cupboard or pipework, whereby the lining & bends that get clogged & blocked, need releasing and flushing out. The digestive system is similar and is the crux of all wellbeing, where disease often starts. So it is vital that we care for our digestion, ie what we eat, how we eat mindful, slow, chewing well, enjoying our food, half full with food, quarter full with fluid & quarter with air/space, sitting down with 10mins to let it all go down & settle in the stomach for breaking down into smaller pieces and churning. Our digestion is what we eat, what we absorb and what we excrete. Toxins occur in poor food choices (so choosing organic or free range is better) ie. food that can cause us intolerances or allergic reactions by bloating, or if they contain contaminates like pesticides and fungicides sprayed on crops that irritate our system, hormones and antibiotics found in dairy products and meat, stress, unprocessed emotions and negative thinking being major factors of toxicity in the body, as environmental toxins like pollution in the air, water and land, etc ,… Soit’s vital that we clean out our bodies at least once a year. There are so many benefits ie weight loss, better organ function & blood flow, increased vitality, clear focused thinking and energy to do the things we really care about and give us purpose. Cleansing can help in all life stages,menses, postnatally after breastfeeding, menopausally, post surgery, after an emotionally stressful time eg a death, work, a change/transition, life event, in preparation for pregnancy preferably a year before, to help create a good quality sperm and egg.

A cleanse is a great way to increase health and wellbeing, loose weight, gain more energy, improve performance mentally physically & emotionally by feeling brighter, more focused, more intuitive, calmer and thus more balanced, enabling better chose making. I am a distributor of the cleanse and it can be purchased on the following link –

PLATINUM HEALTH is a company that sells the Transformational 10 day Cleanse based on super food supplements, shakes, a little food, a lot of fluids, approx 3.5 litres/day to help flush out the toxins. The products are organic, vegan, non GM, with no fillers or binders and mostly gluten free – all high quality sourced ingredients. A healthy diet can maintain optimal gut flora and harmony especially if you are aware what your system needs as and when. But over the years the digestive system can get sluggish as our lives are harassed by stress, trauma, over-eating, poor quality chose eating, wrong combination eating, thus affecting how well our digestive system can process, absorb nutrients and evacuate waste food matter. A cleanse helps to give the digestive system a rest, clean out old stuck faecal matter, that get stuck around the intestinal lining and bends like your water pipes under the kitchen sink, thus allowing for better more efficient processing and absorption. Think of it being like your biannual MOT. The cleanse works most effectively when the outlined daily protocol is followed. It’s like pressing a reset button, although the real work happens in the 10days after the cleanse when there is a continued 10day non wheat/dairy/sugar/alcohol/coffee consumption, meanwhile carefully reintroducing gentle regular foods, like rice, steamed veg, smoothies, soups, stews with protein, back into your diet whilst finishing up the super foods, shake, cracked cell chlorella, … This helps re-integrate the changes … this is key, as it takes 21days to break a habit so here we are able to make better food choses for you, going forward and helps us take the time to do this.

Journalling on a daily basis, sometimes better in the morning first thing with meditation, can be very helpful and illuminating at highlighting issues that need contemplation and addressing. These emotional issues can have a tendency to be held in the bodies tissues, which the cleanse helps to release. Also some restorative and/or yin yoga helps to bring the mind and body deeper into the parasympathetic state where the body is better able to allow the digestive system to operate more optimally and release what it is ready to release.

Spring and Autumn are the better times of the year to cleanse, when the weather is warmer and the seasons are transmuting, so we can sync with nature. I will be offering a group cleanse at these times of year, so if you are interested in joining do message me – [email protected].

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