Massage in pregnancy

  • enhances circulation,
  • inviting better blood and lymph flow, which controls varicose veins and reduces oedema (swelling)
  • thus removing toxins more efficiently
  • resulting in, less fatigue and more vitality.
  • Muscle tone can improve with regular massage;
  • increasing the flexibility of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, especially helpful in softening and opening for labour.
  • Massage sedates the nervous system, encouraging rest & relaxation, which also soothes the baby in utero, fostering a stronger connection.
  • Massage stimulates glandular secretions, stabilizing your hormonal levels and making their side effects less severe.
  • Massage can stop sciatica, sacroiliac pain and prevent SPD from worsening.
  • Massage helps prepare for an easier delivery & less traumatic birth.

Eve massages through all stages of pregnancy, starting at the feet working the reflexes and massaging the feet, culminating at the head, usually on a comfortable futon in side position. This helps me work with gravity and fluidly move with and around mum. Before 3months, it would be a very gentle massage based mainly on balancing energy, line work & few stretches. In the second & third trimester the firmer stretching and deeper acupressure work can bring great relief. It has been proved that in the last 3months, massage can help tremendously with the babies growth, especially the brain, and the more relaxed mum is, the better for the babies development, the progression of labour and a positive birthing outcome. Eve is able to work with points that encourage natural induction if requested, although it is better to allow baby to initiate the process. Massage in the latter stages does encourage the process to move evolve. Eve can help with exercises during pregnancy and the optimum positioning of the baby in the latter stages. These can be shown to partners to encourage their active involvement. Eve also provides nurtritional advice, prenatal, labour and postnatal recommendations, like perineal massage to avoid an episiotomy, pain management techniques and pelvic floor exercises.

Eve has developed a unique style, with a firm, nurturing, intuitive touch that calms and rejuvenates in the early stages and opens and energises in the latter stages. An advanced practitioner with over 18yrs experience of pregnancy, therapeutic & thai yoga massage, Eve has massaged a varied array of people and their conditions, in hospitals, herbal healthcare settings, addiction clinics, spa’s, gyms, private businesses and yoga centres. Her training started with Kira Balaskas and Asokananda in the UK and Thailand with Chiayuth. Eve has also trained with Suzanne Yates on her Well Mother Massage in Pregnancy, completed workshops with Janet Balaskas of the Active Birth Centre, Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers on their Paramana Doula Training and Selina Wallis of Magical Birth. Eve is a member of Doula UK (trainee), CThA and Embody.