Post Natal Massage

Post natal massage is so important for new mums after the unexpected trials and tribulations of labour then jumping right into being a 24/7 mum on tap. It’s a rollercoasterride, so it’s important to nourish new mums, a little while after delivery and especially if a miscarriage or stillbirth has occurred, with a necessary nurturing post partum massage. It not only cares for mums on a physical level but also in an emotionally and psychologically stabilising and grounding way, thereby creating a safe, loving, sacred container for mum and thus for baby. As in many different cultures around the world there is a tradition that gives the first 40days to the period of post partum recovery ‘the sacred time’ for a new mum and her baby. They are encouraged to stay inside to feed, sleep, care, rest, restore, nourish and heal. The mothers body is open and venerable to infection and negative energies from the outside world. Short private walks with baby are needed to refresh also.

Postnatal Massage can help with post partum recovery by:

  1. Easing back, neck and shoulder tension from the birth experience, little sleep and breastfeeding. Its so important to find comfortable positions for breastfeeding when at home and out and aboutand also to exercise strengthening legs, back, core and arms for carrying baby as they grow.
  2. Relieving any muscle strain after the rigors of childbirth.
  3. Promoting pelvic floor healing and the uterus to shrink back down to its usual size and position, along with the breastfeeding.
  4. Rebalancing the spine and pelvis, via working on the bodies structural muscles, ie. the strong psoas and QL, which can easily get very tight and pull body structures out of alignment posturally, preventing further injury.
  5. Repositioning the displaced organs, often pushed up into the diaphragmatic cavity to accommodate growing baby, thereby reducing hip issues like pelvic instability, leaking energy,…
  6. Stimulating better blood and lymph flow increasing the bodies ability to clean, renew tissues by aiding the toxins and waste products to be removed more effectively and bring in essential fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients, regulate hormones, tonifies muscle tissue and stimulates the immune system, thereby aiding more efficient healing.
  7. Reducing swelling caused by oedema by promoting the removal of excess lymph fluids from swollen/puffy interstitial tissues of the lymphatic system.
  8. Reducing scar tissue resulting from surgery like a Caesarian Section, which cuts through 7 different layers of skin and stretch marks from the baby growth spurts. Gentle work around scar tissue is better done 6-10weeks after birth and directly on the scar when mum is able, often 2-3months later. I utilise an Organic RoseHip Oil which is very effective with reducing scar tissue, as is Bio Oil. Caesarian Section is not an operation to take lightly, as it does involve major surgery and a lot of healing and babies born via c section often take longer to establish a settled rhythm with feeding and sleeping and can experience difficulty with breathing, as they haven’t had the primal massage coming through the birth canal like vaginally birthed babies.

500ml Organic RoseHip Oil – £15 (on request)

Scar Tissue Massage restores elasticity to the tissues, where nerves have been cut and die. So scar tissue massage can regenerate and restore nerve endings, reducing pain, inflammation, muscle tightness and resulting fascial web pulling, which can cause body misalignments and restrictions

  1. Relieving Post Natal Depression ‘Baby Blues’ by rebalancing the hormones, thereby also helping with the psychological adjustment of being a new parent, which is a huge learning curve and the fatigue experienced. This is why good nutrition and napping are essential to post natal happiness. Taking the capsules daily, produced from encapsulating the placenta helps to nourish and rebalance mums hormones.
  2. Wrapping the pelvis with a cotton shawl called a ‘Rebozo’ during the massage and maintaining when needed afterwards, helps give mum a safe containment to feel cared for and allow her to powerfully release any heavy emotions associated with the birth and new motherhood.
  3. and last but no way least restoring mental and psychological equilibrium, as massage causes the body to produce serotonin and oxytocin neurotransmitters, which encourage mums, most importantly to relate to her baby, partner and family more positively, ensuring she and baby feel more relaxed, heal and recharge quicker and better.

I work on a futon with warm herbal compresses, in front, back and side lying positions, better received within the first 12 weeks of giving birth at home to assist the abdominal work more effectively. I offer a package of 3 treatments with 15% off.