Self care top tips

My first go to form of self care would be yoga. I feel lighter, straighter, taller & my nervous system is always so much calmer, with the added bonus of rinsing out with a purifying sweat sometimes. But to help my yoga being the flexible type, I’ve found specific core strengthening, pelvic floor toning exercises & martial arts make me much stronger, more grounded, whilst supporting & sustaining my flexibility. Training cardio exercises in the fresh air I also find greatly beneficial, both energising & invigorating.

My second indulgent yet so necessary self care tip are Epsom salts baths. The AAhhh factor at the end of a long day, of yoga practise, teaching and massaging, is sinking into warm water allowing the absorption of magnesium molecules into tired tight muscle tissue & soothing wired nervous systems, is just so blissful.

My third self care tip is a good diet, i.e. a diet that suits your changing digestive system & body needs, as well as including good amounts of fruit and veg, good fats, carbs & protein, supplements might also be needed. An appointment with a nutritionist when needed is very helpful. I went gluten free at the beginning of the year & its helped me no end. Everything happens in the digestive system & affects our moods, hormonal balance, inner ecosystems, so we need to be scientists, detecting what’s agreeing or disagreeing with our digestive, absorption & elimination processes. Hydration is also extremely important for all body processes and keeping our fascial web soft, supple & viscous. Cleansing twice a year, better in spring & autumn, or intermittent fasting are extremely effective at eliminating toxins & old stuck matter, giving the digestive system a rest thus allowing for better processing.

My fourth self care tip is carving space & time for relaxation, whether that’s in the form of meditation, yin, restorative yoga or a gong bath, social time with friends/family, walks in nature in the fresh air, in solitude or with a friend is essential to our wellbeing, as all work is not the way.

My fifth self care tip is positive thinking, which seems easy enough until we get into the nitty gritty realms of our inner psyches and patterns of behaviour. A strong sense of self, good healthy boundaries & self belief stand us in good stead to achieve our goals and happiness to live a more wholesome life. Sometimes seeing a life coach, counsellor, building a good rapport with our yoga teacher, talking to a trusted friend, shaman or wise woman can give us the necessary thought triggers to evolve & lift our selves to a better place.