Lesley Angel (TDF)

A few words in praise of the wonderful Thai Yoga Massage sessions available at The Disability Foundation. I approached my first session not quite knowing what to expect. As a longstanding yoga enthusiast I thought it might be a 1:1 yoga session. Quite wrong. All I had to do was lie quietly on the padded floor mat and relax, allowing Eve to work her magic. Acupressure points first, then moulding the muscles into submission, all the while Eve gently stretching and pulling the muscles allowing yoga postures to develop throughout the session. Lots of deep breathing and only on the exhalation is the body ready to be placed into the wonderfully releasing yoga postures. There is even time for a gentle massage. I have found the sessions extremely beneficial for my chronic back pain. Following spinal surgery in Sept 2004, I was left with severe contraction of the muscles in my right leg, swelling, pain and the inability to walk comfortably. I often felt I needed to be stretched on a rack. In the nicest possible way I feel Thai Yoga Massage has done just that! I could never have achieved the same results by exercising myself. I now have regular sessions and continue to feel the benefit.