Thai Abdominal Stomach Massage

With this lockdown I’ve been seeing an increase in digestive issues & requests for abdominal massage. Long days sitting locked to a desk, all week drinking too much coffee has created the conditions for many types of digestive difficulties to emerge like constipation, bloating, gas, heartburn, reflux, pain, diarrhoea, food intolerances, irritable bowel,… Thai Abdominal Massage (Chi-Nei-Tsang) is a great way to address these disorders & get things moving again. I work gently at first into the skin layer, then deeper into the muscle layer then deeper still into the organs. Working with my fingers, palms & compresses (warmed pouches filled with herbs) I’m able to soften, relax & soothe the belly to enable loosening of the intestinal contents. I also work with breathing techniques on the belly to ease you deeper into the parasympathetic nervous system (the resting state), whereby digestion can function more effectively.

It’s important to move about and not remain completely rigid in your bodies. Setting a timer can help remind you to take regular breaks. Get up, stretch out neck, shoulders, back, make a drink, shake out, go outside for a short brisk walk in the middle of your day, drink lots of water helps focus & loo breaks, changing position to a standing desk, to sitting on an ergonomic chair with correct desk orientation or a Pilates ball as it softens the impact on the sacrum, lower back & pelvis. You can move the hips, do pelvic tilts, rotations to keep the lower back mobile & posture well aligned and ladies can even fit in their pelvic floor squeezes for gynaecological health ! Thai Abdominal Massage is more effective and beneficial in combination with good nutritional advise. I can advise on some general aspects and recommend experienced nutritionists and naturopaths for thorough diagnosis and treatment of conditions.