Top Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

1. I would say a good step to minimalising stress as we enter the build up to Christmas is to cut down on stimulants, ie caffeine, alcohol, trying not to go overboard at parties, gatherings but regulating our intake &/or being selective as to how many meet ups we go to.

2. It’s very important to getting enough sleep so allowing time to wind down in the evenings with some restorative yoga, meditation & a hot bath before sleeping for example. Create a ritual that you’d body becomes familiar with so whenever you enter that space or start a sequence the body & mind know & are able to relax quicker & more easily.

3. Exercise, in whichever preferred form, although yoga is one of the best ways to ease stress & tension, calm the mind & create balanced descision making.

4. Keeping hydrated with 2L + water, herbal teas,… is essential to wellbeing especially when drinking caffeine & alcohol.

5. Planning & organising presents/activities/get togethers takes the stress out of last minute buying/planning. Doing some or most of it beforehand can allow space for some last minute spontaneity.

6. Keeping it simple can help take the pressure off substantially.