Herbal Compress Workshop

Learn How to Make Herbal Compresses

Herbal Compresses are little aromatic bags filled with sumptuous, nourishing, healing herbs, when warmed make the perfect accompliment to your massage.

Whether you are a massage therapist or doula wishing to learn how to bring them into your practise, a parent wishing to soothe and care for your child or a partner wishing to ease the weeks worries off your other halfs’ back, neck and shoulders, compresses can give the added healing touch to your treatment.

Heat is primal. It gives a sense of safety and security. It helps take your nervous system out of the flight or fright response, enabling the release of tightly held tension and endorphins ‘our happy hormones’ and thus encourages deeper relaxation, wellbeing and better sleep.

Come and learn a simple neck and shoulder compress routine with a partner to serve as an add on to your treatments or take home and practise with on family and friends.

Details of Workshop TBC later on in the year – watch this space

Interested Email me on [email protected]